Facebook Ads for Realtors: 8 Of The Smartest Ideas to Generate Leads

Today, we’ll show you some of the best ways to create effective Facebook ads for realtors.

At Relevantly, we have over 15 years of marketing experience working with many different businesses and industries. We are happy to share what we’ve learned with you!

Here, we’ll take a look at how you can use specific targeting, carefully crafted graphics, events, and more to create awesome ads for your real estate business. So, let’s get started now!

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Facebook Ads For Realtors

8 Smart ideas To Generate Leads


1. Leverage facebook targeting

The first thing every business will want to do before creating a Facebook ad is to think about your target audience.

For realtors, your target area will depend largely on who is most likely to move to the particular area where you are selling the home.

For example, for a large, more expensive city, many existing homeowners may be looking to relocate within the same city, so, you may want to target closely within the city.

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It’s important to create an audience within your target area(s)


If you are selling a house in a smaller but up-and-coming city, it may be better to target outside of the city; maybe younger homeowners who cannot afford to move to the city.

However, in Canada, the average age of a first-time homebuyer is 32; and the average age of Facebook users is 40!

That means there is going to be significant overlap between users who are within home-buying age and are on Facebook.

You may also want to create an ad to let potential buyers and sellers simply know about your real estate company. From there, you may want to create a broader audience that targets more users within your service area.

Creating an effective audience is extremely important to ensure your ad is seen by the right people - but it can be a challenge!

You can learn more about creating an effective target audience here, or you can contact us at Relevantly to learn how we can do all the hard for you!


2. use carousel ads

Facebook allows businesses to create a wide range of ads - from single image ads to video ads! However, realtors can and should take advantage of one type of ad - carousel ads!

Carousel ads are perfect for real estate agents because you can showcase a number of images in one advertisement.


Create a carousel ad to showcase your beautiful properties!


Carousel ads are perfect for showcasing the different rooms in one home, such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and maybe a bedroom or two!

This allows viewers to see much more of the home than they would with only a single image ad.

Or instead, you can showcase a number of different houses you are currently selling!

This will show readers a variety of different house sizes and styles that may suit their preferences.


3. Utilize Lead Ads

When thinking about Facebook ads for realtors, another type of ad that you definitely want to take advantage of is Lead ads.

Lead ads do exactly what they’re called - they allow you generate leads! It can be difficult to get potential buyers to contact you via your website’s contact page.

There are a lot of steps involved in that process, and as a realtor, you’ll want to make the process as easy as possible for your potential clients.

That’s why lead ads are so effective. From Facebook:

“People can simply tap your ad and a form pops up—it’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you. With just a few taps, they can get the information they want, and you generate a qualified lead for your business.”


Use lead ads to make getting in touch with you as easy as possible!


Buying a new home can already be a stressful enough process for many people. Lead ads help take away some of that stress by ensuring you are as easy to get in touch with as possible!

And the best thing about lead ads is that you can create carousel ads with the ‘lead ad’ option. So when users click your carousel ad, they are taken immediately to your Facebook contact form!


4. run testimonial ads

When it comes to buying or selling a home, clients are going to want to know that their real estate agent is reliable and trustworthy!

Let your potential new clients know that they’re in good hands by showcasing some of your positive testimonials from previous or current clients.

There are a number of different ways you can show testimonials. One way is to ask your existing clients for a picture of them in or in front of their new home along with a testimonial.

You can set up a single image and include their testimonial as the text!


A testimonial ad can help show potential new clients that you are reliable and trustworthy!


Or, you can create an image or carousel ad that has written testimonials right on the image.

You can even create a testimonial video, that includes one or a number of past clients, telling their story.

Remember, if you choose to use your client’s image in your ad, you will need to get permission first!


5. use videos to showcase homes in a personal way

Images can only go so far! If you really want to show a home in the most personal way possible (aside from an actual in-person tour), your best bet is through video!

Creating a video ad can help potential buyers really get to know a home much better than they would otherwise. Not only that, but video ads typically get more views and engagement than image ads on Facebook!

Not sure what a video ad would look like? Check out this template below to get an idea of what your own ads could look like!


A video ad can showcase a home in much more detail than an image


Creating an effective video can garner tons of attention for a particular home, which is great for both the seller and potential buyers.

You can also use video ads to create a slideshow, which will allow you to showcase significantly more images than you could in a carousel or single image ad.

However, your video must be done well! A poorly made video could make your business look unprofessional.

If you don’t know a lot about videography or photography or how to create an effective ad, it might be best to work with a marketing professional who can do it all for you.

Even if you are an expert photographer, running ads can take away from important time spent on other tasks - like connecting with sellers! Outsourcing your Facebook ads can save you lots of time.


6. point ads to messenger

When you create an ad on Facebook, you get to choose where users go when they click on your ad. You can send them to lead forms, your website, or even direct them directly to your business page’s Messenger.

Many businesses don’t make use of Facebook Messenger - but they should!

Although your first instinct may be to send users to your listing page, it can be more cost effective and provide you better leads if you send them to Messenger instead.

For example, one case study done by Mobile Monkey found that sending customers directly to Messenger cut down their cost-per-lead by 97%!

messages2 (1).png

Consider sending users to Messenger when they click your ad


You can also utilize a Facebook Messenger chatbot to ensure your potential clients feel taken care of as soon as they message you.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot allows you to respond automatically to customer messages even when you aren’t around.

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to converse with people - a chatbot is more advanced than a simple auto-responder. It’s programmed to respond to unique questions and requests!

If you want to set up a chatbot for your Facebook business page, click here to learn how you can create one yourself (and you don’t even have to be tech-savvy to do it!)


7. leverage re-targeting

We mentioned targeting the right audience above, but you can take targeting to the next level with retargeting.

Retargeting is the process of targeting the users who have already visited your website and then running an advertising campaign directed at these potential customers.


Retargeting lets you target users who have shown interest in your advertisements in the past


Retargeting is the perfect method for realtors because you can target users who have previously shown interest in your ads!

Maybe the user did not follow through because a particular house wasn’t their style or out of their price range; but they still showed interest! So a new and different house may catch their attention again.


8. promote showings as events

To get more people to attend an open house or showing, it may be a good idea to create an ad event!

An ad event on Facebook will let other users see who is going to certain events, which can help your showing gain more attention.


Creating an ad event can help you showcase open houses


This ad format will also allow you to easily input all of the details potential buyers will need to know, such as the date and time of the open house.


effective Facebook Ads For Realtors

Help give your clients a stress-free experience!


One of the best ways to most effectively create Facebook ads for realtors is to work with the professionals.

When you work with a professional marketing company for your real estate company, you can ensure that:

  • Your ads are high-quality and attractive

  • Your ads hit the right target audience

  • Your ads are constantly analyzed and improved to increase efficiency

Are you ready to get the most out of your Facebook ads? Contact us at Relevantly to learn how we can help you improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

At Relevantly, we have over 15 years of marketing experience, and are up-to-date with marketing trends, including social media and Facebook advertising!

Let us do the hard marketing work for you, so you can focus on getting your clients their dream homes!

If you’re ready to create effective ads and make the most of your Facebook advertising budget, learn how we can help now!