3 in 1 Facebook Business Set Up Services

New to the world of Facebook Business? Get your business noticed online with an effective Facebook Business page, high-quality advertisements, and proper management tools. Learn how you can get started now!


Business Page
Set Up

To run Facebook ads, you’ll need a Facebook business page. We’ll create the page
and fully set it up for you.

Business Manager Set Up

Business Manager helps you take control of your business online, and ensures you have the right tools in place.

Ads Manager
Set Up

Don’t get stumped on Facebook ads. We’ll create your Facebook Ads Manager so you’ll get all the info you need.


Why Do I need All 3 Facebook Business Services?

Although these different Facebook Business accounts seem like three unique entities, they are not! In order to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy, you need to have all three.

A Business Page, Facebook Business Manager, and Facebook Ads Manager all work together to help you gain control over your Facebook Business account. Continue below to learn a bit more about each one.


Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook Business page is kind of like a personal profile - but for your business instead. Here, you can include a profile picture, cover photo, hours of operation, a map to your business, store hours, and more! This is the place where you can post pictures, videos, polls, and so much more. You need a Facebook Business Page in order to run advertisements.


Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager allows you to simply manage your business page, your Ad Account(s), your apps, check out your audiences, and so much more! It is like the main hub for businesses - everything you need is under business manager.

In order to run and analyze advertisements, you will need to have access to Business Manager. Ads Manager is part of Business Manager. Business Manager also allows you to manage multiple businesses.


Facebook Ads Manager

Ready to run your Facebook Advertisements? This is where Ads Manager comes in! Here, you can create your advertisements, choose your audience, select your budget, and more. While your ad runs, you can get up-to-date results regarding how many users have clicked on your ad or interacted with it.


JumpStart Your Business On Facebook!

6 million.png

Online marketing continues to grow every year. If you want your business to stay up-to-date with marketing trends, it’s important to get your business on Facebook!

If you have a new or existing business and you want to jump start your business online, Relevantly can help.

We can help establish your presence on social media and help get your business noticed. Join the 6 million businesses who already use Facebook for marketing!

We also offer Facebook advertising solutions, so once your business is ready to go on Facebook, we can help create, run, and analyze your ads. Or, if you prefer, you can use our 3 in 1 Facebook Business Set Up as a stand-alone service.