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3 in 1 Facebook Business Services


As part of our 3 in 1 Facebook Business Set-Up, our Create Facebook Ads Manager service will help you create your Facebook Ads Manager account, add admins and employees, and help you learn to navigate the Ads Manager platform.

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Create Facebook Ads Manager Service

Facebook Ads Manager can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are new to the world of Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads Manager is actually part of Business Manager. You will find Ads Manager under the Facebook Business Settings menu.


In order to create Facebook Ads Manager, you will also need to have a Facebook Business account and a Facebook Business page.

That’s why our Create Facebook Ads Manager service is part of our 3 in 1 Business Set-Up Plan, because you need to create all three parts if you want to run advertisements!

Unfortunately, creating all these different parts can be quite time consuming and confusing. Because there are so many different advertising and business options on Facebook, new users will have to wade through a lot of different options.

When you work with Relevantly, we know exactly where to go and how to set up the various parts of your business profile, including:

  • How and where to set up payment information

  • Creating your Ad Account

  • Adding admins and employees (and explain the difference between the two!)

  • Creating and setting up the Pixel (if applicable)

  • Connecting your Ad Account to your Business Page

Get back to what matters most - and leave the hard work to us! We have experience running Facebook ads for clients across Southern Ontario and North America.

We have set up profiles from the start, worked with clients who partially completed their set-up, and improved accounts that have existed for years.

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