Wholistic Evaluations To Help You Grow

full evaluations to help you get consistent results

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Social Media Audits

Not sure if your social media efforts are working? Do your results look reminiscent of the chart on the left shown above - with uneven results and seemingly random highs and lows? That’s where Relevantly can help!


Our social media audits are designed to fully and thoroughly evaluate your online presence - including any existing ads your business has run, followers and follower growth, current social media handles and accounts, engagement rates across platforms, and more.

We’ll also take a look at your competitors, to see how you score in comparison to the businesses that are targeting the same customers you’re competing for.

Through our audit, we will determine what’s working, where the gaps are, and what can be improved. This holistic evaluation will turn into a recommended strategy going forward with our clients.

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Get Consistent Results