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According to Hootsuite, Facebook is the top platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. The reality, though, is that many of these businesses are wasting their Facebook advertising dollars through un-intentional targeting and ineffective ads. If you’re looking for Facebook Marketing in Waterloo, Relevantly can help.

At Relevantly, we’re a team of experienced marketers that specialize in running Facebook advertisements that are designed to convert.

We also understand the unique needs of business owners in Waterloo, because we are one!

why relevantly?

As the “the Silicon Valley of the North”, Waterloo is an innovative city full of bright university students, young professionals, and thriving tech start-ups. It’s also the home of many small businesses looking to build awareness for their brand, just like you.

Among all of the businesses in the region, though, it’s important to find ways for your brand to stand out. That’s where Relevantly comes in.


Our unique approach to Facebook marketing involves careful research of your target market, in-house design of eye-catching graphics and images, as well as purposeful text so that every word counts.

We’re also committed to continuous improvement, so we’re constantly paying attention to results and using our knowledge of tools like Facebook Pixel to optimize your campaigns to perform even better.

In simple terms, we create advertisements that make your users stop the scroll and click through to learn more.

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Could Relevantly be right for you?

If you’re tired of running Facebook ads for your business and failing to see results, or simply unsure of where to begin—Relevantly can help. We’ve supported many small businesses just like yours in reaching their marketing goals, whether driving website traffic, generating leads or building brand awareness.


Ready to get started? Contact our team today for a no obligation quote. We’d love to get to know you!