Facebook Ads Training Course

Total Time: 4-5 hours (eight 30-45 minute training sessions; flexible booking times)
Prerequisites: None. This course is beginner friendly!

Our Facebook Ads Training Course is designed to help you make the most of your digital marketing budget. Get your business to stand out among the others by creating effective, high-quality Facebook ads targeting the right audience in your service area.


Why Register?

Our Facebook Ads Training Course teaches small businesses how to navigate Facebook Business and Ads Manager, run effective advertisements that result in sales, create an online marketing strategy, and more. Through our course, you will get:

  • Personal tips for creating an effective strategy for your unique business

  • Help setting up your Facebook Ads Manager account

  • Deeper understanding of advertising budget and schedule

  • Thorough explanation of target audiences

  • How to design, write, and launch an attractive ad

Our Facebook marketing course is designed to help businesses become more familiar and comfortable with the world of Facebook Business and Advertising. Whether you choose to do your own in-house marketing or partially outsource it, this course is beneficial for you.

For in-house marketing, you can learn from the experienced professionals at Relevantly how to create an effective digital marketing strategy. You will learn how to run your own advertisements, create the perfect target audiences, and create more leads from your ads.

For those who partially outsource their digital marketing, this course can give you a better understanding of how Facebook marketing works, what you should expect from your marketing partners, and gives you the information to make insightful suggestions to your marketing partners.

Learn more about the unique program content offered in our course below.


Program Content


Relevantly’s Facebook Ads Training Course provides small-medium sized businesses with the knowledge they need to effectively manage and advertise their business on the Facebook platform.

At Relevantly, we have over 15 years of marketing experience, and are excited to share what we’ve learned over the years with you and your business.

Our Facebook Ads Training Course will allow you to better understand the basics of digital marketing and creating a long-lasting, effective marketing strategy for your unique business.


training topics

Our unique Facebook Ads Training Course includes eight 30-45 minute training sessions.


We offer flexible training times and are happy to work with your unique schedule to book times that work best for you and your business! Our training topics include:

Module 1: Facebook Ads Manager Set-Up

  • Creating a Facebook Page

  • Setting up Business Manager Account

  • Setting up Ads Manager Account

Module 2: Overview of Facebook Advertising tab

  • What each column means

  • Where to find information to include

  • Understanding ads schedules and budget

Module 3: Using Facebook Ads Manager

  • Go over main tabs 

  • Mock Ad Set-Up

  • Different objectives

Module 4: Secrets Of Facebook Advertising Strategies That Work

  • What should be the goal of the ad

  • What types of ads typically work best

  • The keys to picking the right target

Module 5: Creating Facebook Ad Creative

  • Developing ad dynamic creative

  • Writing copy for primary text, headlines and more

  • Selecting the right CTA and ad type

Module 6: Creating Facebook Landing Pages

  • Developing ad dynamic creative

  • Writing copy for primary text, headlines and more

  • Landing pages 

Module 7: Measuring & Reporting

  • Creating reports for ad results

  • Using the Facebook Pixel 

  • Interpreting results 

Module 8: Final Review & Confirmation Ready To Go

  • Ensure understanding of all steps

  • Guided live ad set-up

  • Answer any final questions


How To Take The Course

Relevantly is based out of the Kitchener-Waterloo area in Ontario. If your business is located within our service area, we can come right to your facility. Although we service clients in Southern Ontario, we also work with business across Canada and North America!

If you are interested in Relevantly’s Facebook Ads Training Course and you are located outside of our service area, our training course can be completed online through a live chat. Not sure if this is right for you? Contact us now and we’ll be happy to further discuss your unique situation!