Stop The Scroll With Instagram Advertising

Drive awareness of your brand through captivating visuals and creative copy


Why Choose Instagram Advertising?

Though Instagram joined the social media game later than other platforms, it continues to be one of the most popular networking sites - with over 1 billion monthly active users! Instagram marketing is a popular choice for those who choose Facebook marketing, as Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Instagram is a great way to reach a younger demographic, with 64% of 28-29 year olds using the platform. Facebook is popular among a wider demographic, as the highest concentration of users are between the ages of 18-44.


Setting up ads on both Facebook and Instagram will help ensure you reach all potential customers and clients.

Although Facebook and Instagram are connected, each platform requires a unique advertising approach. That’s where the team at Relevantly can help!

Relevantly is based out of the Kitchener-Waterloo area and has served both local businesses and businesses across North America.

We serve businesses large and small, and have the experience to create effective ads for a variety of industries.


Our Approach

Our unique approach to both Facebook and Instagram marketing involves:

  • Thorough and careful research of your target market

  • In-house design of eye-catching graphics and images,

  • Purposeful and thoughtful text to help ensure every word counts.

We’re also committed to continuous improvement, and we understand that the social media advertising market is constantly changing.

That’s why we constantly pay attention to the results, and use our knowledge of analytical tools to help us determine next steps.

In simple terms, we create advertisements that make your users stop the scroll and click through to learn more.

Our social media marketing approach includes:


eye-catching content

Not sure how to put your product pictures or graphics to work? Rely on our team to share visually appealing content that will stop the scroll and pique interest.

Tracking and reporting

tracking & reporting

Get the results you’re looking for with frequent reporting and testing to maximize your budget.


non-invasive selling

Make a positive impact on your target market’s newsfeed by creating content that improves the social experience rather than detracting from it.


intentional targeting

Reach your businesses’ ideal market with advertisements designed and targeted directly to them.


Ready To Stop The Scroll?